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August, 2017 The Guardian, Detroit ’67 and today

August 2017 Marsha Music, Timeline Detroit music in 1967

July, 2017 Charles Wright Museum panel discussion on 1967 Rebellion. Marsha Music starts at 1:11.


July 2017 – Photo session and video – the People of Detroit


July 2017 – Film by Caldodecultivo, on Detroit Poets.


July 2017 – WDET – Marsha Music and historian Jamon Jordan tour 12th St.


Marsha Music – a moment talking about old Black Bottom in Detroit – from the documentary by Anthony Brogdon, The Great Detroit. – yes, it cuts off mid sentence. 🙂



August 2017 – The Guardian- Detroit 67 and today.


August 2017 Marsha Music, Timeline, Detroit Music in 1967

July 2017

July 2017 – Detroit Free Press /Freep: Marsha Music on Detroit 67…..

Printable format version –

July 2017 – Deadline Detroit: Marsha Music Recalls July 23, 1967

June 2017, Deadline Detroit – Marsha Music meets retail icon J.L. Hudson at the Detroit Historical Museum.

June 2017 – Crains Detroit Business News: Story of the destruction of Black Business, Paradise Valley and Joe’s Record Shop; interview with Marsha Music.

March 2017 – Michigan Chronicle, from podcast by Pamela Owens.

November 2016 – AirBnB – Detroit Music Guidebook


January 2015 – Infinite Mile

October 2014 – ModelD

July 2013 – Huffington Post – Wedding of Marsha Music aka Marsha Philpot and David Philpot

July 2012 Kresge Arts in Detroit

September 2012 – Marsha Music – Kresge Literary Arts Fellowship, 2012.

October 2009 – Metro Times – Article by W. Kim Heron, on Marsha Music and her father’s record shop.



July 2017; Family Photos USA, TV Series.

July 2017 Storycore – Marsha Music (at 10:30), part of a 4 story feature on the Detroit rebellion in 67.

June, 2017 – Storycore – broadcast on Detroit Public Radio, WDET. Claire Nelson, of Urban Consulate, interviews Marsha Music, regarding her father’s record shop (broadcast June, 2017, July 2017):

June, 2016 – Podcast; Detroitophile Emily Gail records Marsha Music at Urban Consulate, telling the story of how she came to write “The Kidnapped Children of Detroit” and “Just Say Hi”

April 13, 2017 – Podcast, WDET; Detroit Today Show with Stephen Henderson – Interview on the Digital Black Bottom Project with Marsha Music and Emily Kutil.     



February 2017, “12th and Clairmount”:

Marsha Music contributes narrative (not film, as stated in this clip) to landmark documentary film on Detroit 67. 



March 2017, Rebel Nell: Marsha Music, for jewelry maker, Rebel Nell’s campaign. 




July, 2017 Charles Wright Museum panel discussion on 1967 Rebellion. Marsha Music starts at 1:11.


July 2017 – People of Detroit, Detroit 1967 – video by Noah Stephens.


July 2017 – Film by Caldodecultivo on Detroit Poets

July 2017 – WDET – Marsha Music and historian Jamon Jordan tour 12th St.



May 2017 Jazz Cafe – Marsha Music reads her essay, John Lee Hooker and Joe Von Battle from the book edited by M.L. Liebler, Heaven Was Detroit. At Music Hall.


November 2016 – Marsha Music’s commentary on the Black Bottom and Paradise Valley Portrait Project, by artist/painter Nicole McDonald – on temporary display at Eastern Market.


October 2016 – Nicole McDonald, creator of Black Bottom and Paradise Valley Portrait Series, and Marsha Music – talk about the paintings and their significance. Video by Roy Feldman for Detroit Performs.


October 2016 – Marsha Music reads her epic poem Ode to Belle Isle, at Swords To Plowshares gallery, Detroit.


November 2016 – Marsha Music makes a video (breathless with the cold) of the amazing portraits of Detroit leaders of Black Bottom and Paradise Valley, by artist (and now 2017 Kresge Fellow in the Visual Arts) Nicole McDonald.


October 2016 – Marsha Music reads her epic poem Just Say Hi (The Gentrification Blues), at Swords To Plowshares gallery, Detroit):


September 2015 – Marsha Music talks about her surrogate fathers, the brothers of DRUM, and the League of Revolutionary Black Workers, in the late 60’s, at the 2nd annual memorial for the late General Baker.


August 2016 – Marsha Music reads her work, Detroit Techno Fest and the Movement of Detroit; at the Diego Rivera Courtyard of the Detroit Institute of Arts, appearing with the chamber music ensemble Protea.


August, 2016 – Marsha Music Reads Memories and Dreams, her poem commissioned for Symphony In D, for Friday Night Live at the Diego Rivera Murals of the Detroit Institute of Arts, appearing with chamber music ensemble Protea.


November 2015 – Marsha Music reads her epic poem Memories and Dreams, commissioned for Symphony in D, composed by Tod Machover and performed with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra.


November 2015: Marsha Music reads her poem, commissioned by the Knight Arts In Detroit, for the 2015 Knight Arts Challenge Winners Event.


February 2015 – Marsha Music’s story of the battles that consumed her gifted parents


June 2014 – Preservation Detroit talk, Part 1 (additional segments on youtube) “Where We Used To Live: Hastings Street & Black Bottom with Marsha Music” presentation at the Hastings Street Ballroom, Detroit.


November, 2013 – Failure Lab: Marsha Music tells a story of her acute, past failure, in this Grand Rapids based, national video project – of surviving one’s own weaknesses.


September, 2012 – Kresge Arts in Detroit. Video produced by Stephen Mcgee Films, for 2012 Kresge Arts Fellows.